5 Ways to Track Lost Android Phone

5 Ways to Track Lost Android Phone

5 Ways to Track Lost Android Phone

5 Ways on How to Track Lost Android Phone

In these days, Mobile Phones are something that people always carry in their hand or pocket. These handy devices take a large amount of their private and valuable information. But occasionally there have been instances, these devices become stolen or lost. This is one of the worst nightmares for you personally when their apparatus is lost/misplace or stolen. Luckily, there are numerous ways are available that help you track missing Android Phone or iOS apparatus. If you’re among those men and women who lost their apparatus then don’t worry. Read this complete article to learn best methods to monitor your lost Android apparatus in just simple steps.

5 Ways on How to Track Lost Android Phone
5 Ways on How to Track Lost Android Phone

– Part 1: The Best Way to Track a Lost Android Phone Online
– Part 2: How to Track Lost Android Phone Through Google Account (Google Map)
– Part 3: Is There a Way to Track a Lost Android Phone by IMEI Number
– Part 4: How to Track a Lost Android Phone Using Android Device Manager
– Part 5: How to Track Lost Android Phone Using Find My Device

Part 1. The Best Way to Track a Lost Android Phone Online

Part 1. The Best Way to Track a Lost Android Phone Online
Part 1. The Best Way to Track a Lost Android Phone Online

TrackerFree is a web-based all-in-one phone monitoring as well as a spying tool. It is mostly designed for parents to keep current with their kid activities liberally. It’s compatible with all devices running on Android and iOS operating system. Just, install TrackerFree program on the target Android mobile phone and gain complete access to the tracked device. With TrackerFree location support, you can monitor lost Android phone remotely. If someone makes a call on the tracked device then you may get into the background together with call duration and timing.

TrackerFree is not limited to place tracking service; you could get many different programs of the tracked device. Parents can use this to read text messages, voice call recording, and access additional apps. You can download the software plug-in from the official site and put in it target Android device. When the installation procedure complete, you can access the target device from TrackerFree web client.

Why Pick TrackerFree to Track Your Lost Android Phone

View keywords with Keylogger: TrackerFree simply offers Keylogger feature for Android devices. With Keylogger, you can see what user is typing on target device keyboard. Keylogger record each and every character pressed from the user on the monitored device. This is the great way to crack passwords of target client accounts.
Real-time location tracking: This is one of the useful features of TrackerFree. It is possible to use this attribute if your device is stolen or lost. One only has to click on location get the real time location of target device remotely.
Document the telephone call secretly: if you don’t know what your child is performing on call then attempt call recording feature of TrackerFree. Getting participating with this, you can remotely capture the voice call of the tracked device without them understanding. When the call finished, the recorded voice file will be transferred to you .
Take screenshots liberally: TrackerFree also allows you to capture screenshot remotely. It works secretly in the background and also capture screenshot softly without any noise. The user simply has to click Take screenshot under catch screenshot. You can also download and view a screenshot of the target device.
Access Social Apps: In case you are one of them who wish to get their kid/friends or colleague societal program then attempt TrackerFree. Just, Tap on any of program and you will redirect to the dialogue of the target user.

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Step by Step Guide on How to Track Lost Android Phone|

Step 1. Produce TrackerFree Account

First, you have to open an internet browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc. and browse to TrackerFree official website. Now, you need to make an account by clicking on”Sign up” button. Here, legitimate Email ID and password is required to proceed. If you want to get all features afterward, you can avail paid subscription programs.

Step 2. Enter Information

Then, enter Teen’s Name/Nickname, Teen’s age, and cellular operating system in the Installation wizard.

Step 3. Complete Preferences on the Target Android Phone

Once the above process finished, switch to target Android device and enable Unknown sources to install a third-party app. Settings — Safety — turn on Unknown Sources. Then, Visit https://my.TrackerFree.com and download TrackerFree plug-in for goal Android device.

Step 4. Install TrackerFree App on Goal Android Phone

Install TrackerFree apk file and tap its icon ton launch. Enter TrackerFree password and account which you have made in Step 1 and then hit on Sign in button. Allow the permission by tapping on”Grant” button. Tap on”icon is futile, I don’t need it” and tap “Start Monitoring”.

Measure 5.

Now, Switch into your device to get goal Android telephone. It’s possible to use TrackerFree web client through the computer as well as from mobile web browser.

Part 2. How to Track Lost Android Phone Through Google Account (Google Map)

Step 1: First of all, download Google Maps on your Apparatus from Google Play Store. You might also visit Google maps timeline webpage through internet browser https://www.google.com/maps/timeline. Now, enter your Google account Email ID and Password. If 2-step confirmation is switched on then, complete the procedure.

Step 2: If you are on Google Maps app then, swipe right or tap hamburger icon to start the menu. Tap on”Your timeline” to move to timeline page.

Step 3: Now, select the present day, month, and year. On an internet browser, you will see this section on the upper left corner.

Step 4: Then, the map will show your present location and place history.

Part 3. Is There a Way to Track a Lost Android Phone by IMEI Number

Employing IMEI number for your phone is a fantastic way because it cannot be altered. If your own Android device is stolen or lost then, create an account on Missingphones.org and you’ll be notified when someone found your device.

Steps to Track a Lost Android Phone Utilizing IMEI Number

Step 1: At the first step, open web browser and open lost telephones site by typing https://www.missingphone.org from the address field. Here, you may notice text subject namely Search IMEI database. Enter your Android IMEI number in the text field.

Step 2: Then, hit “Search” button to begin searching process. It’ll search it entire database to know about your Android device. When there’s absolutely no result find afterward, create an account on this site. That account is used to contact you in case your apparatus found.

Part 4. How to Track a Lost Android Phone Using Android Device Manager

Measures to Track a Lost Android Phone Utilizing Android Device Manager

Step 1: Firstly, start an internet browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and type Android device manager. You can also type https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager/ right on speech field.

Step 2: Now, Input login information like Google Email ID and Password.

Measure 3: Google Map will open with your apparatus location. Here, you also see other options including Ring, Lock, and erase.

Ring: If you cannot locate your device nearby afterward, attempt Ring mode. Ring option is used to perform audio for five minutes or until it’s unlocked.

Lock: Lock enables the consumer to secure the lost or stolen device with a password to protect it from unauthorized user. It is also possible to add a message and phone number which will display on the lock screen of the lost device. That is helpful when somebody found your apparatus.

Erase: If you’re concerned about your apparatus falling into the wrong hands and data will be stolen. Erase mode allows you to carry out hard factory reset that will delete all your apparatus data remotely. If the unit isn’t connected to the internet then, it will initiate the rest procedure when it comes online.

Part 5. How to Track Lost Android Phone Using Find My Device

These days, the majority of the Android apparatus is comes with Find My Devices program. This program is designed by Google Inc. to locate the missing device. It’s easier and convenient means to monitor lost Android telephone location.

Steps to Track Lost Android Phone using Find My Device

Step 1: At first step, open web browser and type”find my phone android” on speech field.

Step 2: Hit “Find My Device” link. Now Google login page will appear, enter your account valid Email ID and Password and tap Next button.

Step 3: Once the above process finished, Google geo maps will open with your apparatus place. Here, you will see a few options such as Lock, Circle, and Erase.

Ring: This is really useful when your device is misplaced somewhere on your assumptions. Simply, tap it to make a sound with maximum quantity.

Lock: There have been instances as soon as your device is lost or stolen by someone. It is possible to secure your device with passcode or fingerprint. Tap on Lock and kind password and a few message to lock the device. If somebody found your apparatus they’ll contact you.

Erase: Largely folks have anxiety about losing their private data instead of smartphone. Their smartphone are full of personal and valuable data. It’s possible to use Erase to wipe all the information from your lost or stolen device remotely after it joins with the internet.

Note: This whole procedure is only going to work in the event that you already enabled Find My Device on your own lost device.



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